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Cakeinstore is a small family run business near the city of Birmingham in the West Midlands. Here the team prepare, and ship cake tins and related products all over the UK and World. The company is based near major road, rail and air networks and this allows them to have your orders delivered within a few short days all over the world.....and all four corners of the world.
Cakeinstore was set up when the owners saw a need back in their own country of Pakistan (Karachi) due to political, economic and security unrest and concerns. The team looked long and hard to see how they could help their family and friends caught up in this cycle. Yes they could send them money each month, but they wanted a better way that could help many more people.
They then came up with the idea of sourcing quality products made in Pakistan and import them into the Uk, where they could be sold, and the profits given back to these people.
Cakeinstore was born and since it's early days the business has helped support a number of families and individuals with jobs, earning opportunities and having a hope and better future. It has allowed them to live better lives and also fund children to attend school.
As well as supporting many families in Pakistan Cakeinstore also works with a local young apprenticeship  training and employment agency. And Cakeinstore are very proud to be among the first  few companies to offer a full time position to one of their students.Their currant student is a vital part of the business, they help pack orders, check in deliveries and keep a check on the stockroom. So as well as helping people overseas they are giving back to their local community as well.
Cakeinstore use biodegradable packaging where it is safe and hygienic to do so and are always looking for ways of reducing their carbon footprint.
Cakeinstore are a fun company, but when it comes to customer service they always aim for 5 stars. After 5 years in the online business world, the customers always comes first, and they have many repeat customers.
So if you are looking for Cake Tins, Bake-ware  Sugar-craft items stop by and take a look. And if you cannot see anything you like send us a message and we will see if we can source it for you.

And remember every cake tin that you buy changes lives all around the world.